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Our Target Client

BlueSkye Studios is passionate about growing brands with a vision to connect humanity in the health, wellness, fitness, and creative and spiritual spaces.

If you are a company that works to achieve growth, education, positive influence on the environment externally, or in a person’s mind internally, then we would love to work with you. We aspire to work with anyone that contributes to more positivity in this world, you are the client we want to place our magical design touch into, as we position your vision in the best possible way.

BlueSkye Studios lives each day intentionally, and chooses to support others that do too, because these are the industries that are most needed in the world right now, and are going to change the world!

  • Brands that work mindfully and inclusively (non-discriminatory)
  • Conscious awareness – mentally/ physically/ spiritually/ environmentally, and anything closely related.

Our Mission

We have created an inspirational and creative space for our Unicorn Tribe to flourish. Our mission is to bring more Unicorn Designers into this space and spread the creativity we present to our clients.

Because our design space allows for creativity to flow naturally, you (our client) will receive work that has been intentionally created and has the power to impact your audience.

We are on our Unicorn Mission to help showcase your company’s unique value proposition within its brand identity, strategy, website, and content, designed to attract your target audience through defining your niche. We aim to take our clients and designers on a beautiful journey to build brands through a process of Intention, with attention to detail.

Our Why

Because the Unicorn Tribe has allowed their passions to flourish through the BlueSkye Studios mission, we can showcase the true potential of an Artist to our clients, and we do this by creating and supporting incredible brands.

At BlueSkye Studios, we believe that all Artists are Unicorns and hold unique magical powers, and should be treated that way. This is why placing the Artist as well as the Client at the centre of everything we do is what delivers that Unicorn Magic. Our Unicorn Designers have the most important role to play in what we create for our clients and the world they would like to express to their target audience.

It is time to create a shift in the design world towards a community of valued creatives that can be intentional in all that they are, everyday. This is why BlueSkye Designers are capable of creating Magic, because we are valued, and we cannot help but want to spread this value in our unique way, to each other, to our clients and to the brands we work with – authentically creating high-quality results. We are here to bring this intention to ourselves, as creative children of this world, and place it into the people and brands we work with, too – resulting in Branding with Intention.

This is where the
journey begins…

Other ways we
can Unite…

Become a Freelance Unicorn Designer or Intern.

Send us your CV and portfolio of best work, and a message stating why you would like to join the team, and we will be in touch 🙂

Enquire about our Magic Projects

Just like that, a click of a finger and, magically done! If you are an NPO or NGO that needs company branding, send us a quirky email telling us about you, and why you need the Magical Unicorn touch, and we just might show you a magic trick in return as a gesture of generosity – for free.


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