Oddly Jones

Name of Copywriting Business: “Oddly Jones”

Intention: To help businesses generate leads, sales, and deepen the relationship they have with their email list/customers.

Look and feel of the brand: Still warm, classy, fun, and down-to-earth

Colour: Earth tone green

Mission: To help companies build relationships with their clients through personality-driven, conversational copy.

Targeting: Ecommerce businesses in cannabis, men’s grooming,and self-growth spaces.


Chosen Stylescape


Oddly Jones Stylescape


Final Brand Manual: Oddly Jones

Brand Identity created for Randolph Daniel Audley “Oddly” Jones (Audley is also his father’s name). He is based in Ontario, Canada.

Randee’s writing style is slightly “Odd”, so his brand name ‘Oddly Jones’, is a play of words with his middle name Audley.

Mr. Jones has been blessed with a natural gift of writing and given the craziness that has been 2020, now is the best time to really dial in and build his own business. The purpose is simply to give the companies he works with the chance to write copy that sounds like it was written by a close friend. He tends to gravitate to businesses that are authentic and real, as he himself is passionate about authenticity. This is exactly what he showcased when creating his personal brand as an incredible copywriter.

Brand tone/personality: fun, warm, premium, inspirational.






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