Kay Media

Kay Media is the company I was employed at between January 2018 – June 2019, and lead as the head graphic designer. I had the privilege of being part of the company rebranding and building the brand, starting from the foundation, and exploring many ways to communicate a minimal, yet impactful brand.

Problem Statement: The previous branding was outdated, and was no longer appropriate for Kay Media’s target audience: established medium-large corporate companies. The branding also needed to be current and culturally relevant, and out-compete other competitive agencies.

Solution: After much in-depth research and inspiration, the following brand identity was created. It is modern and timeless, and it leaves a lot of room for creativity, which is what was needed in a house of creatives.

The Deets

  • my roleHead Designer at Kay Media
  • categoryRebranding
  • tagGraphic Design
  • date20 January, 2019

Lessons Learnt

I learned a lot about typography layout, as well as design techniques to make a brand impactful without the use of colour. I found many new creative ways of showcasing a brand identity and deeply exploring and creating strong brand foundations in order to build what is to come. I also enjoyed creating videos in After Effects, from logo reveals, to social media graphics.

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