Kit Lenzi

Kit Lenzi is a Life and Financial planning advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®. I had the privilege of creating the brand identity for an empowering female business owner, Kit Lenzi.

Problem Statement: Kit Lenzi needed a brand identity and a foundation to start her own business as a Life and Financial Advisor. This brand needed to express her friendly, sophisticated, engaging attitude towards life and money as well as her professional knowledge in the field of finance. This brand needs to be approachable and aimed to help create Kit Lenzi’s online personality that the public would soon love and trust to get the best advice to help people plan for a better long-term future.

Solution: Natural, impactful, friendly and down-to-earth appeal, is how I would describe the outcome of this brand and the best solution to depicting the above challenges. Creating a stylish colour palette complimenting her personal script logo, and natural imagery, giving Kit Lenzi the authentic, raw look and expressing a visually fluent and culturally relevant business that is bound to impact future generations.

The Deets

  • clientKitLenzi
  • categoryBranding
  • tagGraphic Design
  • date5 April, 2019

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