At Kay Media, we really enjoyed this project for the well-known, South African singer from Micasa, and chef at Something’s Cooking – J’Something. I led this project and designed a timeline for his restaurant wall, unfortunately, they are renovating the restaurant so we are yet to see it on his wall, but the rooster created in this project has been used to represent J’Something on social media.

Problem Statement: These graphics needed to culturally represent J’Something’s Portuguese identity, as well as use his brand colours. It also needed to be culturally relevant and graphically represent each stage in his life on the timeline.

Solution: A lot of in-depth research on Portuguese culture, as well as elements or objects that can be used to symbolize certain elements, for example, the African head bandana to symbolize his growth in South African culture and language.


The Deets

  • clientJ’Something (Kay Media)
  • categoryIllustration
  • tagphoto, design
  • date 2018

Lessons Learnt

I learnt a lot about the cultures, as well as symbols. I also learnt how to create a long timeline and document setups for it to be printed on a restaurant wall. I experimented with animated GIFs and different graphic styles in order for the design to be cohesive.

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