Gold Ore

This project was created by Kay Media, with me being the Head Graphic Designer in charge of the process and execution. Gold Ore is an international supplier of a revolutionary invention that is drastically shaping and improving the mining process – The Mach Reactor.

Problem statement: To create an impactful and sophisticated brand identity that will introduce new and innovative technology. The client wanted to incorporate the Pico Bubbles in the logo, as well as create a powerful brand foundation that all the collateral would leverage off of.

Solution: The Mach Reactor generates ‘Pico Bubbles’ which greatly enhances the mass transfer of gas into solution creating the chemical reactions that were once never possible. These bubbles form the main component of this innovative technology and this is illustrated in the main emblem of the branding.

The wordmark depicts the process of extracting gold from the hard ore which is the Mach Reactor’s main function, and thus this strong colour palette was born, resembling; power, extreme temperature, and pressure which is created at the speed of sound. The Logo was deconstructed in order to form a pattern that was used on many collateral items such as the corporate folder. All these elements, when placed together, create a coherent and effective brand identity.

The Deets

  • clientGold Ore through Kay Media
  • categoryRebranding
  • tagGraphic Design
  • date1 December 2018



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