GAP College

GAP College is an NPO based in Alberton that recognizes that every child is Gifted and Purposed, even though they are differently-abled, academically and physically. GAP College gives these children an opportunity to grow in a truly loving and uplifting environment.

Problem Statement: They needed a brand identity in order to spread awareness of their mission, and for people to donate to this amazing cause.

Solution: I rebranded their old, outdated branding and gave them a fresh, welcoming look. I created their logo, collateral, and documents such as their prospectus and end year booklets. I also created GAP College children’s worksheets.


  • clientGAP College
  • categoryBranding
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  • date2017

Headwise Developments

I also created and illustrated this printed document for the teachers at Headwise Developments. Headwise is a platform for Educators to maximize who they are in their classrooms and become more capable and committed stakeholders in their profession.


This is a fun and easy-to-read booklet created for the teachers to have an interesting learning experience, this is done by giving each student and teacher in the book a specific character and personality. This helps teachers understand and relate better with responding to certain situations in the classroom.


Lessons Learnt

I absolutely love to use design to make a difference and gain awareness for such great causes, and it is important to focus on the target audience and to use specific graphics, typography, and colours that convey a specific sense of emotion to gain a specific audiences’ support.

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