Founded by me, Krystal Roberts, to promote my personal brand, what I stand for, and what I can offer to you, the client.

It is not about me. It is about you and working with you with the main mission to help you find your voice and personality within your brand. So that you feel confident enough to go out with a strong brand foundation to build on and inspire the world through.

The main purpose of BlueSkye is to showcase my personality – so that I can attract a specific audience with similar values and an inspiring growth-mindset. This will ensure that my clients can build a strong relationship with me and know who they are directly working with.

My personal brand depicts my passions; which are working with clients in the mindful, health, and spiritual-space, and companies that promote:

  • Growth: such as leaders, teachers, motivational speakers, people ambitiously striving to make a positive difference and help others,
  • Mindful and physical health: such as fitness/yoga instructors, gyms, psychologists, spiritual thought leaders, open-minded thinkers.

This is my target market and the people that I aspire to work with to position their brand identity in the best possible way.

My ultimate desire is that my personal brand expresses these four main things:


Colour Palette: Organic, playful, minimal, and expressive.


The Deets

  • clientPersonal
  • categoryBranding
  • tagGraphic Design
  • date4¬†April 2020

Lessons Learnt

Branding Organically and based on targeting a specific niche market, as well as designing and creating my own typeface.

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