This is BlueSkye Design Studio.

A studio of creative, spiritual, visionists.

At BlueSkye, we find that the foundation on which the brand will grow is the most important aspect of any company. The discovery meeting is one with creative questioning and alignment to ensure we are both eagerly ready to begin the journey together, and this journey is going to be a memorable one.

Just as much as this website is here to showcase who we are, it is not about us.

It is about you and working with you. Our main mission is to help you find your voice and personality within your brand.

We work our way towards ensuring that you feel confident enough to go out into the world with your solid & strong brand foundation and impact/inspire/take-over the world – whatever your mission is.

We are all about quality-work, meeting deadlines, and saving the planet – mindfully, strategically, and creatively🌍

BlueSkye is a network of freelancers that specialize in a variety of essential skills needed in order to make an all-rounded impactful brand. Whether you need it all from the ground up, or you just need updates/add-ons on your current branding – we’ve got you covered!

This makes BlueSkye capable of being your all-rounded creative studio with direct personal connections to the main designer. This makes processes quicker, easier, and more fun and creative, rather than having to go through long daunting processes leaving the designers uninspired.

At BlueSkye there is less room for strict-boring agency processes and more room for natural free-expression and out-the-box thinking.

BlueSkye is passionate about growing brands innovatively in the health, wellness, fitness, creative and spiritual spaces.

If you are a company that works to achieve growth, education, positive influence on the environment externally, or in a person’s mind internally, then we would love to work with you. We aspire to work with anyone that contributes to more positivity in this world, in one way or another, and we would love to position your vision & brand identity in the best possible way.

BlueSkye expresses these four main values, and chooses to support them, because these are the industries that are most needed right now, and are going to change the world!

  • Mindfulness,
  • Health-consciousness – mentally, physically, and spiritually,
  • Environmental-consciousness, and
  • Organic/vegan/vegetarian brands, and anything closely related.

How did BlueSkye come about?

Hello, I’m Krystal.

I founded BlueSkye officially in 2020, the year of struggle and hardship, but also the year for new opportunities and a shift in the way of thinking. And a big shift, especially for me, as I decided to take a massive leap of faith in following the bright fire burning inside my chest every day. I couldn’t contain it any longer and I had to let it free. The desire to simply try and put all the thoughts and ideas I have into reality.

I am not one to conform. Not in my career, not in my values, and definitely not in my decisions. I like being out of my comfort zone, I love growth and I feel these are two places I won’t get bored. A 9-5 job and living an ordinary, safe, and risk-free life is, well, boring. And not for me.

So here I am!

Lead designer and strategist at BlueSkye. BlueSkye represents my creative brain and my desire to work with like-minded, big-thinking freelance designers, that are as eager as I am to achieve the best results for our clients,  where we create in an environment that is not afraid to be different or think differently.

After obtaining my BA Degree in Advertising, and working for three completely different agencies that challenged me and grew me into the experienced designer and strategic thinker I am today, I realized we will never be truly ‘ready’ to take risks. We sometimes just have to jump and learn to fly as we go, at BlueSkye 🙂

BlueSkye – driven to excel in any creative situation with great pride in delivering only the best solutions, but aware of constantly learning and adapting to move forward, staying ahead, and setting a distinct path.

Whether you are a freelancer looking to partner with us, or you are a forward-thinking client excited to get your brand turning heads, then we would love to hear from you!


I love Corporate/Entrepreneur Branding
Illustrations are really meditative for me
We can Photoshop our way to a new reality!
Strategic and Functional Layout Design, it's an art.
Innovative Concept Development - what society lacks most.
Videography, photography and animation - I know a guy 😉
Communication and Leadership - what I am born to do.
Website Design - I work with the best.
BlueSkye Studios